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Choreo: I want to be loved

02 Jan - 30 Jan 2021
Recorded class
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Just one day after New Year’s we did an online gathering and taught a routine that people loved!

  • The song is packed with energy!
  • The choreography matches and even exceeds that!

Just what we needed to get jumping out of our couches and start 2021 with excitement! 

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Total Beginners

You might find it a bit challenging.
But hey! You’re looking to start a new dance so you’re already motivated and we’re positive you can make it!

Intermediate dancers

Exactly what you need: new moves to build up your vocab and a few technical tips to enhance your dancing allover (not too many though - we wanted to keep it light)


Yeah, you'll get most of it fast but there's  a couple of trickier variations as well.
Plus you’ll get:

  • Styling ideas (what to do with those hands?)
  • Inspiration from moves you might not have explored yet.

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