Spreadin' the Blues...

...one dance at a time

"Stomping Ground"

It's finally time to give some life to this baby!

Most of the work has been done.
Alex’s woodworking and upholstering skills have leveled up (since he built the bar and sofa by himself).
We’re ready to fire up the new studio next month and allow it to fill up with life, smiles, great music and dancing!

The name

Stomping Ground (noun) : a place for spending time or for socializing

  • synonyms: hangout, haunt, stamping ground
  • greek translation: στέκι, πολυσύχναστο μέρος

We feel that both words individually connect to the dances that will be taught there.

Follow the Stomp…

If you’re in Athens, make sure to follow the new FB page. This way you’ll get updates about classes, events and when you’ll finally be able to visit this fascinating new venue! (Also, we’ll soon have the new website up and running so we’ll let you know there)

Same goes if you’re from abroad and are curious to see more photos and videos of what we’ve built or want to stay in the loop (you never know when you’ll be in Athens desperately looking for a fine place to dance)! We’ll be posting more photos and videos of our new hangout soon...

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