Spreadin' the Blues...

...one dance at a time

Our team at Blues Fever 2023

Second year in a row with a great representation of the Greeks at Blues Fever and we are so proud!

This year, aside from teaching, we had 12 people from our group joining us again for one of (what we consider) the best Blues dance festivals in Europe!


We really liked the festivals’ format, focusing on Blues idioms.

This way we could work on Stuttin’ for 3 classes in a row - giving us a chance to really dive into the idiom that we enjoy teaching so much!

Here’s the teachers presentation where we did some Struttin’

Group routine with top dancers!

Alex had the honor of joining a team of top international dancers and doing an all male group routine!

This was Mike Sonders’ inspiration and he did the choreography!

2nd place at the Shortcase comp!

In the «Shortcase» competition we had a group from our team doing a choreography by us!

They got 2nd place! 
Keep in mind that they were the only entry where all of the dancers were true amateurs (meaning they have never taught on local or international level).

1st places for individuals of our our group!

At the “Newcomers” competition we had two people from our group getting the 1st places (as leader and follower respectively)!

This was a «Pro-Amateur» format, meaning that leaders and followers are judged individually by dancing with an experienced partner.

We are so proud of our Blues dance community in Athens!

 The Greeks are apparently becoming one of the biggest Blues scenes in Europe and you’ll probably meet some of them (if you haven’t already) at a festival around Europe!

Come meet them at our own festival in Athens


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