Spreadin' the Blues...

...one dance at a time

Dance studio... almost ready!

It’s been a long process.. 

It started by Alex noticing a place had just been emptied while walking around the neighborhood.

Immediately snatched it before it hit the market (well… that’s oversimplifying the whole negotiation process but let’s go with it) and started making plans…

So here’s a small update on the process...

First things first..

You gotta have a plan…. 

This is where Alex’s studies as a mechanical engineer came in handy. Also when he decided he would design and build by himself the bar and benches (yeah, there will be a bar)!

Day one...

This is what it looked like the day the contract was signed and after the first day of scraping the old paint and fixing some holes in the walls.

Choices, choices, choices...

Then came the difficult part: deciding on colours, fabrics (for curtains and bench pillows), equipment (ceilings, dance floor) etc.

Here are just a couple of pics from the (looooong) selection and testing phase.

And suddenly... 

…the floor and the mirror get installed and it all starts coming together!

(You can also see the frame of the bar on the left)

So, this is where we’re at.. 

Next up:

When will we get to enjoy it? 

Well, unfortunately indoors dance classes (and of course gatherings) are still a no-no in Athens so we’ll probably have to wait till September.

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Looking forward to welcoming you all soon...